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Get into Gong

NOW for Summer 

Gina Pace Qi Gong is dedicated in the art, life benefits, and providing accessibility to this form of exercise and all walks of life from the elderly to the young. The health benefits are worth the effort. You will be breathing and feeling better no matter what your age is. Yes, anyone can do Qi Gong. Let me show you how... my name is Gina Pace and let me be your guide.

Let’s start with breaking down the words….QI is the Chinese word for “life energy” Qi is the flame, the fire that exists in us all which is necessary for our survival. 

The Benefits of Qi Gong

Let’s talk about some of the amazing benefits of Qi Gong.  Once you start, you can’t get enough of the Gong! There are many reasons people practice Qi Gong and each person has their own. 

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